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HAG Wireless Smart Air Mouse

RM 59.00 RM 159.00

Product Overview

The HAG Wireless Smart Air Mouse with Laser Pointer is easy to hold, takes up less space than a regular mouse and even has a laser pointer! Connects to your laptop or PC via USB just like a regular wireless mouse. No extra driver needed! Ideal for work, meetings, presentations, teaching, and graphic designing Look stylish and more professional while delivering your speech or presentation!

Product Specification

  • Dimensions: (LxWxH) 14.35x3.2x1.5 cm
  • Model No.: CPM-02
  • Battery Working Time (at full charge): 30 hours
  • Transmission Distance: >10m
  • Tracing System: Optical
  • Operating Current: 15mA
  • System Requirements: Win 2000/XP/7/8, Android, Linux, Mac OS
  • Colours available: Red, Black
  • Convenient to use and won't hurt the wrist when using for long periods of time. 
  • Great for presentations and works.
  • A mouse pad is not necessary! Will work on any flat surface.
  • Charging it is easy, just connect the charging cable to a USB port. A light will come on and when it is fully charged it will turn off. 
  • Connect to your computer via USB, like any other wireless mouse!

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