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HAG RoS / PUBG Mini Joystick Button Controller

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Product Overview

Let's get this straight. When we play shooter games in our smartphone, our actions are quite limited, it's either strafing while shooting only, in which you cant turn and aim, or maybe aiming while shooting, in which you cant strafe and turn (you'll just be standing still like a tree). We can't possibly be doing all four actions (strafe, turn, aim and shoot) at the same time. OR CAN WE? 

Introducing our HAG RoS / PUBG Mini Joystick Button Controller, a mini joystick that provides two more trigger buttons to your smartphone while gaming! With this, you can play shooter games in you smartphone like a boss! Be ready to have 'Chicken Dinner' everyday when you get your hands on our HAG RoS / PUBG Mini Joystick Button Controller!


Product Specification

Material : Metal (Trigger) and Plastic (Clipper)
Compatibility : 0.2" - 0.4" smartphone thickness, 4.5" - 6" smartphone length
Length : 4cm
Height : 2cm
Width : 1.5cm
Weight :13g (1 pair)


Package Details

  • 1 x  Left and Right Trigger Joystick

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