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[High Quality] 10M HAG LED Copper Fairy Light

RM 15.00 RM 35.00

Ever look around your house or workplace and feels like it needs a bit of magical touch ? When people say magic, it is assumed to be some sort of witchcraft. But really all I'm talking about is this Fairy looking lighting that could make any place look like it came out of some fairy tale.
So we present you this 10M LED Copper Wire Light, which is very easy to put on , is energy saving and environmental friendly !

We currently have three types of the Copper Fairy Light : 

The 1st type uses AA battery to function 

2nd one is the  USB type and also comes with a remote control where you may adjust the colour mode

The last one is a Solar type where it only lights up when it is dark, suitable for outdoor and it is also waterproof! The charged light can last up to 8 hours per night.

                                                                                               Copper Light AA Battery (Warm)3.pngCopper Light AA Battery (Multi colour) 9.png

                                                                                               Copper Light AA Battery (Multi colour) 3.pngCopper Light USB with Remote Control (Warm)1.png

Example of the AA Battery type

                                                                                               Copper Light AA Battery (Warm)1.pngCopper Light AA Battery (Warm)7.png

Example of USB type

                                                                                           Copper Light USB with Remote Control (Warm).pngCopper Light USB with Remote Control (Multi-colour).png                                                                                                

Example of Solar Type

                                                  Copper Light Waterproof Solar (Multi-colour) 1.pngCopper Light Waterproof Solar (Warm) 2.png                                                        

Use it to decorate as you like !

                                                                                               Copper Light AA Battery (Multi colour) 6.pngCopper Light AA Battery (Multi colour) 7.png


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